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You think you've seen some bad tattoos? Check out this exclusive clip from IFC's Lowlife

Writing about the Tarantino-esque joyride through the grimy criminal underbelly of Los Angeles that is director Ryan Prows’ action-comedy Lowlife, we couldn’t help but make a crack about Randy (Jon Oswald), the “least racist guy ever forced to get a swastika face tattoo in prison”—not only for the “wait, what?” factor, but because Oswald really is one of the highlights of the film. Now we’ve got an exclusive clip from Lowlife introducing us to the manic ex-con, courtesy of distributor IFC Midnight. In the clip, Randy, who’s getting a ride home from prison from his his old friend Keith (Shaye Ogbonna), is blissfully imagining all the fun he’s going to have now that he’s free—until Keith, who cleaned up his act and got an accounting job while Randy was in prison, addresses the racist elephant (or swastika face tattoo, as the case may be) in the room.

The A.V. Club reviewed Lowlife on the festival circuit, where we called it “an immensely crowd-pleasing black comedy set in the fleabag motels and greasy taco stands of working-class L.A.” It opens in limited theaters and on VOD this Friday, April 6.

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