Stephen Falk (left) and the cast of You're The Worst (Photo: Frank Micelotta/FX)

You’re The Worst creator Stephen Falk has yet another sitcom project in development at FX, a workplace comedy he’s working on with Eva Anderson, an alum of Los Angeles’ Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Deadline broke the news that FX has purchased Falk and Anderson’s Radicalocity, about a multi-channel YouTube network of the same name. The show will chronicle the wacky adventures of “three cynical thirtysomethings with serious artistic backgrounds who try desperately to hold on to a shred of self-worth, while they do anything they can—immoral, unethical or illegal—to make their YouTubers as popular as possible.”

Radicalocity is just the latest project to emerge from FX’s overall production deal with Falk, who has become to FX sitcoms what Noah Hawley is to its dramas and Ryan Murphy is to whatever American Horror Story is. You’re The Worst returns for its third season tonight, and Falk has three other shows in the pipeline, including a collaboration with Worst producer Alison Bennett and another with Worst producers Franklin Hardy and Shane Kosakowski. Not every one of Falk’s co-conspirators is the Worst, though: He’s also got a show in the works with comedian and erstwhile A.V. Club columnist Cameron Esposito.