It’s always been perfect that Morrissey loves cats. After all, they’re the animal that’s perfectly content being left alone and doing their own thing, because they’re often disdainful of the human race. Kind of like Morrissey himself, going by how he explains his cat fancy to The Telegraph: “The basic fascination I have with cats is nothing unusual. I find them very intelligent and very superior.” Appropriately, Consequence Of Sound dug up an infrequently updated Tumblr, Morrissey With Cats, that features plenty of choice photos and GIFs of the man himself with various feline friends. Although the Tumblr (sadly) looks like it was last touched in 2014, it does a good job illustrating his life-long adoration for cats, between the inclusion of several babyfaced Smiths photos all the way up to a recent promo shot for PETA. However, all is not lost: There’s a closed Facebook group called Morrissey & Cats that may also be a way to get your fill of the pairing, and Mozzer gently feeds an adorable little critter in the below “Alma Matters” video. “Let me hiss you,” indeed.