Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time once again to disguise our misgivings about personal shortcomings by sniping about people winning awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. But enough about Ricky Gervais: The 73rd Golden Globe Awards are being held this Sunday, January 10. The A.V. Club will be there (in a manner of speaking), and we invite you to join us for an evening of online awards commentary and IRL cocktail consumption. As always, there are two ways to participate: The A.V. Club’s official live-chat begins at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 Central, and you can chime in on Twitter using the hashtag #avctv. The festivities get underway at the same time as NBC’s telecast of the ceremony, so plan accordingly—though you should be able to tell that the Globes are underway thanks to the mass groans prompted by Gervais’ monologue. Or, thinking more positively: The mass cheers for when the HFPA pulls a typically HFPA move and gives one of the first TV prizes to a totally deserving, yet completely left-field pick.