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You’re invited to Dave Mustaine’s place for Megadeth Boot Camp and Mass

Dave Mustaine (Photo: Getty Images/Gary Miller)

Thrash Megadeth band leader and cocker spaniel lookalike Dave Mustaine has announced the “Megadeth Boot Camp,” a one-of-a-kind experience that will allow fans to go to his house, learn Megadeth songs, and see what kind of weird art he keeps on the walls. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mustaine said the idea was pitched to him by the band’s management and that, since he’s leaving his home in California behind, it felt like a good sendoff. Somehow, his quote that, “I thought, ’Well, damn. That sounds great to have a bunch of people over at my house,’” isn’t the least bit sarcastic, and fans willing to plunk down anywhere from $999 to $5,499 will be able to go to Mustaine’s house for a wine tasting, be enthralled by the band’s “fireside stories,” take in an acoustic performance, attend assorted music-based clinics, and even get to record their own vocal take of “Symphony Of Destruction.”

But the pièce de résistance is the chance to attend “Megadeth church” with Ellefson. According to Mustaine, the idea was spurred by his desire for Ellefson to “feel complete with everyone.” Mustaine said, “That way it’s a super personal way for people to connect with him, because if I was going to allow someone to connect with me on a more personal level, there really is no better way.” As the old saying goes, “Eternal peace sells, and Megadeth fans are buying.”

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