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You probably haven't seen this awesome Mad Max: Fury Road documentary, but that's about to change

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It’s been a big week for Mad Max: Fury Road, which saw a gripping oral history of its grueling creation chased by news of an upcoming Furiosa-based prequel from director George Miller. If you’re as excited by all of this as we are—we did name it the best film of the 2010s—then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a 45-minute making-of documentary about the movie you probably haven’t seen that’s been under our noses this entire time.


Going Mad: The Battle Of Fury Road is an excellent, underseen portrait of the chaos unpacked in the New York Times oral history. Due to scheduling reasons, it never made it on the film’s physical release, and was only attached to the film’s Black & Chrome digital edition after it hit iTunes. As such, even those who own the digital edition might not know it’s there. 

The documentary tracks Miller’s two-decade journey to bring the film to life, and is brimming with early concept art, intense stunt footage, and revealing interviews with the cast and crew that further contextualize the topics explored in the oral history. You’ll also get to see Miller on the day Fury Road won its six Oscars.


Again, you can only find this documentary under the iTunes Extras section of Fury Road’s iTunes page, where it’s currently going for only $4.99.

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