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Illustration for article titled You oughta know that Alanis Morissette is playing all of iJagged Little Pill /iin New York next month
Photo: Ernesto Distefano (Getty Images)

The Jagged Little Pill musical is finally opening on Broadway in December, and to celebrate her rise to the same level as the Broadway visionaries in Green Day, Alanis Morissette has announced that she’ll be heading to New York’s Apollo Theater for a one-night-only acoustic performance of the entire Jagged Little Pill album that inspired the musical on December 2. After the concert portion, Morissette will hold a Q&A with writer and SiriusXM radio host Alan Light. This comes from Billboard, which says ticket presales already happened (sorry), but general sales for regular Morissette fans will begin on Friday. The musical (which comes from Diablo Cody), will premiere on December 5.

Also, while we’re here, the things described in the song are not technically ironic, but that does make it ironic that the song is called “Ironic,” which is a very smart thing you can say to your friends in the line for this show.


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