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You may not be part of Occupy Wall Street, but you could at least help make a documentary about it

As you no doubt know if you’ve spent any time on websites other than this one, there are currently a whole lot of people swarming Wall Street—drawing attention to economic disparity, sparking debate over what exactly the protest seeks to accomplish, giving Fox News endless B-roll of kids in silly clothes that they can chuckle about, etc. And while thus far they’ve received little reward for their efforts other than swells of online support and the occasional Jeff Mangum concert, a group of filmmakers is already working to give Occupy Wall Street the honest media exposure it’s mostly been denied with 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film.

An appropriately collaborative effort spearheaded by Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell (who previously directed the black metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us), the project is being billed as “a crazy kaleidoscope of a film,” comprised of wildly disparate footage captured by a team of independent filmmakers like Tyler Brodie, Michael Galinsky, Ava DuVernay, and Bob Ray, all of whom are currently capturing footage from the sprawling protest that will then be assembled into some sort of cohesive statement—which, good luck with that, considering many Occupy Wall Street protesters seem to be struggling with that themselves.


But still, you have to admire the filmmakers’ drive to get it all on camera and released as soon as possible, before history can put its own spin on it. And if you really admire it, Aites and Ewell have set up a Kickstarter campaign asking for a little money—which is that stuff you don’t have enough of anymore—in order to help complete it. One caveat: In keeping with the protest’s messages about economic equality, all donations are considered equal, so there are no promotional tote bags for ponying up a little more. You have enough tote bags already. The country is going to hell in those tote bags! [via Film School Rejects]

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