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Welcome to 2018, the year in which we’ve been reduced to hunting for photos of the president’s son’s feet in order to prove he was cheating on his spouse with a Making The Band alum.

How did we get here? After it was announced that perennial disappointment Donald Trump Jr. would be getting a divorce from wife Vanessa, Page Six came out of the woodwork with salacious details of a 2012 affair between the modern-day Malfoy and Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day when the latter was competing on Celebrity Apprentice. Other sources, including US Weekly, have confirmed the story, and tantalizing tweets from the likes of fellow Celebrity Apprentices Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall have raised eyebrows, as has the revelation that O’Day has a song out there called “DJT” (shudder).


Still, neither O’Day nor Trump Jr. have confirmed the affair, so the press keeps on digging. The latest deep dive is from Daily Mail’s Chris Spargo, who saw what could be a smoking gun in this 2012 tweet from O’Day, which falls smack in the middle of the duo’s supposed affair.

Could these be Trump Jr.’s feet? Surely not, you say—where are the cloven hooves? But Sprago persevered, strapping on a gas mask to sift through photo after photo of Trump Jr. posing with dead animals in pursuit of one with bare feet. “There are few pictures that show Don Jr.’s feet surprisingly, despite his penchant for the outdoors,” the article reports.

Still, Spargo emerged with a few snapshots of Jr.’s talons, one of which he placed alongside the feet in O’Day’s tweet in a photo slider that apparently proves the feet are one and the same.


“A side-by-side comparison shows that the feet are very similar to those of Donald Trump Jr., who she was allegedly having an affair with around that time,” Spargo concludes.

In the meantime, the internet is overflowing with pieces about O’Day’s “sexy texts”; her confrontation with Vanessa Trump; and old, now-deleted tweets insinuating she has a dark “story” to tell about the Trump clan, one that may or may have to do with Donald Trump Jr.’s thick, greasy feet.


Please, feel free to play with the (shiver) “foot slider” at the Daily Mail here.

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