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You look like shit, the movie supercut

There’s a scene in Stepmom where Julia Roberts’ character tell Susan Sarandon’s that she looks tired, with Sarandon responding that she hates when people say that, because it really means that they look like shit. The funny thing is, movie characters don’t really have a hard time telling others that they look like shit, as demonstrated by this nearly five-minute supercut.

What can lead to someone being told that they look like shit? Well, being Bruce Willis is a tell-tale sign that you might look like shit. It also doesn’t bode well if you are a newly converted vampire, a zombie, a cop who’ s just been in a fight, Keanu Reeves, been out all night drinking, dying from a disease, just released from jail, Jeff Bridges, or been forced to sleep on the couch. Sometimes being told you look like shit is a weird way of flirting. Other times, it means you truly look awful.


Relive some classic “you look like shit” moments below.

[via Huffington Post]


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