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(Screenshot: Nature Lab MSD/YouTube)

By now, we’ve seen so many North American celebrities do Japanese ads that it’s become kind of a cliché to even joke about it. But this Carly Rae Jepsen ad for Moist Diane shampoo is different. Jepsen is huge in Japan—she was an established commodity there before “Call Me Maybe” made her a star in North America. The Japanese love her so much that she releases Japan-only remix albums. So getting Jepsen to plug this shampoo was a big win for the Moist Diane people.

The ad is amazing. Jepsen and her roaming flash mob take a young woman through an airport so she can tell a boy that she really, really, really, really likes him. The couple have a chaste embrace, and then inexplicably begin to float away toward the terminal ceiling, as Jepsen and company celebrate below.


[via Vulture]

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