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Who knew that when the disastrous Year Of Luigi was extended into the disastrous fiscal Year Of Luigi that it wasn’t the workings of a company floundering to stay relevant but an act of pure, unadulterated fear. It turns out that Luigi, who the world thought of as the benevolent, harmless and sometimes a little off kilter brother of Mario, has now been revealed to be a stone-cold psychopath. This news comes courtesy of the growing Luigi Death Stare meme, collected by Kotaku and embedded below, wherein the green plumber enacts random acts of violence on his friends and family members under the guise of the game Mario Kart 8. But this is no game to Luigi. Just look in those eyes and see the anger and despair that only playing second fiddle for decades can bring about. Even the American news media is reporting on Luigi’s violent rampage. It’s chilling stuff.

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