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You’ll never enjoy winter as much as these dumb animals in Oregon

Screenshot: Youtube

Though it prompted the mayor of Portland to declare a state of emergency and presumably bummed out the city’s legion of gutter punks, the record snowfall that dumped on Oregon this week seemed only to invigorate a bunch of dumb animals living at the Oregon Zoo.

Completely unfazed by what some are calling the “snowpocalypse,” the zoo’s polar bears and seals can be seen here flopping around in the fluffy white banks, seemingly unaware that you had to dig your car out of the snow before heading to work that morning. The otters are getting fed their shrimp cocktails as a baby elephant frolics in the icy water, wholly unconcerned that your GrubHub order is taking twice as long to arrive. So, as you huddle inside this winter, trying to enjoy the pristine white scene outside your window, remember that somewhere a bunch of dumb animals are having the time of their lives.


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