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Game Of Thrones is one of those TV shows that has such a presence in pop-culture that it will probably be a bit tough for some of its actors to break out from under its shadow. Nobody is going to buy that little bastard Jack Gleeson as something other than a little bastard any time soon, for example. This problem is especially bad for the rare Game Of Thrones character with a catchphrase. Everyone wants to hear Kristian Nairn say “Hodor” at least once during a DJ set, and people are going to expect Rose Leslie to drop a “you know nothing” or two whenever she shows up in a movie now. In fact, we couldn’t even resist making a joke about that in the headline of this very post.


Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rose Leslie’s next job will be telling Vin Diesel that he knows nothing in The Last Witch Hunter. Leslie, of course, is best known for playing the wildling Ygritte on Game Of Thrones. For Witch Hunter, she’ll be playing a witch who teams up with Vin Diesel’s witch hunter to defeat some kind of evil witch queen, which does seem like a lot of witches for one witch movie.

The Last Witch Hunter will be directed by The Crazies’ Breck Eisner, and at the risk of running an already-tired joke into the ground, we have a good feeling it will have a scene where Vin Diesel grumbles something anti-witch that Leslie will respond to by saying something about how he knows nothing about witches, and then everyone in the theater will roll their eyes because the line really isn’t that funny and we can probably give it a rest now.

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