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Yesterday, as part of his ongoing “made in America” week, which is a bit of counter-programming intended to distract people from the near-collapse of the Obamacare repeal as well as his ongoing clusterfuck of Russian entanglements, the president showed everyone what a strong boy he is. No, he did not hop into the cab of another truck and pretend to be a truck driver. Instead, he engaged in a strength test against a glass vial, which he lost, but emerged nevertheless exuberant.

Look, the point here is not so much the vial—which has been engineered to be break-proof! Right here in America!—as it is the president’s face after he fails to break it and then receives a warm round of applause. Gaze into the eyes of the happiest boy who has ever lived:


CNN describes “a very determined look on his face” as the president attempts to break it, leaning his entire 71-year-old frame into the effort and growing positively crimson at the exertion. After failing, he looks up to cast an angry, possibly ashamed glare at someone off camera. But then the applause starts—the sweet, beautiful applause, the lifeblood of this man, the one thing that heals all his wounds and makes all the rest of this president bullshit worth it.

Screenshot: Twitter


Afterward, Corning CEO Wendell Weeks said Trump exerted about the force of a professional boxer in his attempt to crush the glass vial. No wonder he is a such a happy boy—he is strong!

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