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You don't have to wait to watch the cast of Dawson's Creek reunite for their 20-year anniversary

Screenshot: People TV

Twenty years (and two months) ago, Dawson’s Creek premiered on The WB, ushering in a new era of dramas about teens who were hyperverbal, earnest, and a tad overwrought. The network made its bones off of Kevin Williamson’s series, which starred James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson as Capeside’s worldliest residents, despite not being old enough to vote. There were ever-shifting love triangles, a religious freak grandparent, and, most infamously, a storyline about statutory rape (and that was before the show got really melodramatic).

People gathered the loquacious cast for a video and photo shoot, which was actually the first time Holmes, Jackson, Kerr Smith, and Meredith Monroe could remember being together since the show ended in 2003.

The reunion isn’t revelatory—lots of “so grateful for the character and fellow actors” anecdotes—but it’s nice to see them all just hanging out without anyone crawling through an open window. Unsurprisingly, they all look great, especially Mary Beth Peil, who is just flouting all kinds of fashion conventions by wearing a gorgeous, off-the-shoulder dress at age 77. When you’re done watching, Paula Cole’s theme song will be waiting for you.

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