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You don’t have to like Arctic Monkeys or Bruno Mars to love this mashup

Photo: NBC/Getty

Arctic Monkeys make the sort of corporate cool-guy “rock” engineered by guys with high undercuts to make other high-undercut guys buy premium liquor. Bruno Mars is a handsome man who makes music to be played at weddings. He also put on a pretty good Super Bowl half-time show, though that’s basically just America’s biggest wedding reception.

You may not be big fans of either. But this mashup from ToToM—combining Arctic Monkeys’ “R U Mine?” with Mars’ “24K Magic”—manages to extract the most appealing qualities of both without sounding like, well, wedding music for high-undercut guys. In fact, removed from the faux-edginess of Arctic Monkeys’ music and placed atop the side-stepping disco pop of Mars’ track, Alex Turner’s faux-croon sounds completely natural, and arguably even more at home. Like only the best mashups, it transcends its source material entirely.


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