Image via Airbnb

Everybody loves Conan O’Brien, but nobody—other than maybe Andy Richter—is lucky enough to be able to sleep on the set of his TBS show. That’s now going to change, thanks to a contest being run by Airbnb—the company that lets you sleep at other people’s houses and has a logo that looks like…nothing in particular. For one night only, a lucky Conan fan will get a chance to sleep in the rafters above the studio where the show is filmed and appear on an episode as “the weird person who wanted to sleep in the rafters above the Conan show.” All you have to do to enter is go to this page, click the red “Enter To Win” button, and then write a short response that answers “why on earth you’d want to spend five minutes in [Conan’s] rafters, much less a whole night.”

As for the amenities, there’s no kitchen, no internet access, no TV (though you can watch one episode of a certain talk show for free), no heating, no food, no smoke detector, no pool, no gym, no carbon monoxide detector, no indoor fireplace, and it’s not wheelchair accessible. It does, however, include “free parking on premises,” so that’s something. There’s also room for two people and a “real bed,” so that should give you and Andy Richter plenty of space to snuggle up together.


The contest ends on the first of June, and the winner gets to stay in the rafters on the night of June 3, so it’ll probably be best if you already live near the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California.