Although by now you could assemble your own six-minute Dark Knight Rises preview by putting every leaked set photo into a slideshow, then having a tuba player sit next to you and go “bwaaaaaaaaaamp” at dramatic intervals, Warner Bros. has also put together a more traditional extended trailer that’s due to hit theaters this December. Of course, to see it you’ll have to find a local 70mm IMAX screen, and that screen will have to be showing Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol; (Punctuation On Patrol!) @tomcruise #$$$$$. Mirroring the 2007 strategy of attaching The Dark Knight’s opening sequence to I Am Legend, the studio confirmed that the first six minutes of Dark Knight Rises will screen before Cruise’s latest thriller about double-crossing and dangling when it makes its IMAX debut on December 16, five days before it enters general release. And that’s when you’ll find out that the first six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises consists of Bruce Wayne absentmindedly humming to himself while he cleans out his email spam folder.