If you have enough passion about the late Breaking Bad and enough stacks of money, you could soon take a walk in Walter White’s shoes, or at least some of his clothes. On Thursday, July 16th at 9 a.m. PST, the Prop Store—the same company that auctioned off Hannibal gear to true Fannibals—is opening up an online auction of some of the AMC drug drama’s most iconic costume pieces.

Walt’s orange superlab chemical suit is just one of the many recognizable pieces to be included in the auction; a total of 77 authentic costume pieces will be available for bidding with no reserve. From Walt, bidders can try to score one of his many, many checkered button-ups, including the ones from “Cancer Man,” “Peekaboo,” and “Fly.” You can also bid on a bunch of Walt’s khaki pants from throughout the series, and his green flannel from “Ozymandias” is available.


so many checkered shirts through the years…

A little more interesting and unique than Walt’s dad wardrobe, the pieces from Jesse Pinkman include his yellow zip-up from “Cat’s In The Bag” and his red thermal and jeans from “4 Days Out.” That cardigan Aaron Paul wears so well in “Sunset” is also available. Most of the Pinkman collection consists of zippered jackets and printed T-shirts; come to think of it, these characters didn’t really stray too far from their comfort clothes. But if you’re looking for some extra special khakis to add to your closet, this auction definitely has you covered. (Just so you know, you can get khakis at the Gap for much cheaper. But maybe your love of Walter White knows no bounds, which is itself cause for concern.)

Only Walt and Jesse’s clothes are up for auction, so unfortunately there are no purple outfits from Marie or pale-yellow Gus Fring button-ups or Skyler White power blazers on the docket. The tighty-whities Bryan Cranston wears in the pilot are also not listed. (We checked.) Pinkman’s red puffer jacket from the pilot, however, is up for grabs.


The auction will remain open until 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 23. Bids can be placed online at the Prop Store website.