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You can own one of Elvis’ jets for just a couple of million dollars

Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley prepare to board their private jet following their wedding in Las Vegas. (Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images)

As anyone who’s ever been to Graceland knows, Elvis Presley had a tremendously opulent lifestyle before his death in 1977 at the age of 42. Among his treasures: Elvis had not just one airplane—most famously the Lisa Marie, which remains on display at Graceland—but several. One member of The King’s aerial fleet has been curiously stashed on a small airfield in Roswell, New Mexico, for about 30 years, and now has been unearthed and brought to the marketplace. The AP reports today:

The red 1962 Lockheed Jetstar, one of many owned by the King of rock ’n’ roll, has no engines and needs a restoration of its cockpit. But Elvis designed the interior that has red velvet seats and red shag carpet. The plane had been a source of mystery in Roswell, New Mexico where it has sat largely untouched and tucked away at a small airport’s tarmac.


The jet will be auctioned off next week at an event in California with other “celebrity memorabilia, including handwritten notes from The Beach Boys and lost photos of the late R&B singer Aaliyah.” Its value is estimated at somewhere between $2 and 3.5 million, making it the ultimate Elvis Presley souvenir for someone with a lot of money and significant storage space.

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