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You can now study the history of autotune at T-Pain's Wiscansin University

Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images)

On his 2008 song “Can’t Believe It,” rapper T-Pain had the gall to rhyme “mansion” with Wisconsin, pronouncing the state as “Wiscansin” to make it work. Everybody has had a good laugh about that for the last decade, but now T-Pain has legitimized his weird rhyme by launching Wiscansin University, a totally legitimate educational institution with dozens of “uncertified professors” and an average GPA of 2.5.

Here’s an ad T-Pain shared on Twitter (via Esquire):


If you go to the university’s website, it’s clear that this is all an elaborate gag to sell some pretty funny T-Pain merch, but the website itself is a pretty fun T-Pain joke all on its own. There’s a message from Wiscansin’s Dr. Tallahassee R. Pain, pages full of filler text about the campus life, and breakdowns of the various different classes you can take it Wiscansin—including “The History Of Autotune,” “The Art Of Sprung,” a pot-themed cooking class, and “Accounting For Strippers.”

If this still isn’t enough to convince you to enroll at Wiscansin University, a page dedicated to prestigious alumni should make your decision a little easier. T-Pain probably didn’t have to put Chris Brown right at the top (or on it at all), but wouldn’t you still like to go to the same fictional university as Chance, Kanye, and the Lonely Island boys?

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