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You can now own Daredevil's billy clubs, The Punisher's mailbox, other junk Netflix no longer needs

Photo: David Lee (Netflix)

No longer content with merely killing off its Netflix sub-universe of street-level superhero shows, Marvel is now happily chopping series like Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Luke Cage up for parts, feeding them to Marvel’s Let’s Get Some Money Out Of These While We Still Can, Huh?, a.k.a. a Marvel Television Live Auction that was announced this week. This is per Rolling Stone, which notes that the 850+ lot auction—which covers Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, all of which Marvel systematically wiped out over the last year as it gears up for the launch of Disney+—is currently open for advanced bidding ahead of a live auction next month.

Because we’re bored idiots, we’ve been doing what we always do when these big celebrity auctions enter the news: Trawling through the archive, looking for the dumbest or most expensive things we could fill our homes with, then demand friends and family stand in awe of, say, the Punisher’s actual mailbox. (Starting bid: $300.) You could also splurge on the big tank of blood that the ever-irritating and momentum-draining ninjas of the Hand spend a whole episode trying to fill ($250), a real conversation starter, as long as you don’t mind the conversation being “Hey, how much fake blood you think goes in here?” To say nothing of a whole bunch of angel statues and caskets for all your “Brooding during your own fake funeral” needs.


Which isn’t to say there aren’t some things here that might actually be legitimately cool to own, were you living the kind of Danny Rand sort of life where money was no object: Several Daredevil costumes are for sale (all estimated to go for $25,000 or more), as well as a whole bunch of his badass billy clubs in a variety of states of connection and disconnection. (Those are running at about $1,500 a pop.) And while picking up a program for Elektra’s funeral might be a little morbid, we could totally see ourselves framing one of these New York Bulletin covers about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, or putting Pop’s Swear Jar in pride of place on our mantle.

You can see the full catalog for the auction (which is being run in association with Prop Store) here.

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