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You can now just go and pay interior designers to make your Animal Crossing homes nicer

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About a month ago, Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk was going over people’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons houses on Twitter and doling out free advice. Now, because nothing simple and nice can go without being monetized for long, others are picking up where Berk left off by charging players for interior decorating consultations.

Doornob noticed that furniture and home decor store Olivia’s is “seeking to recruit a collective of virtual interior design consultants to provide professional advice for players looking to improve the interiors of their [Animal Crossing] homes. In order to land the job, which sounds a lot like a career dreamed up by a naïve grade schooler, Olivia’s asks for “a working knowledge of Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” “strong communication skills,” “confidence in remote working,” and “previous experience in interior design.”

The job itself involves, like you might expect, “[evaluating] a client’s current set up and [providing] creative feedback,” suggesting “setups that stay within their budget,” and “[creating] multiple designs for each client should they desire a redesign in the future.” Fortunately, payment will come in the form of real-world money and not bells and Nook Miles. Olivia’s will pay its consultants “upwards of £40 an hour for their services when hired” and the ability to “set their own rates and work flexibly.”


Considering how rough the job market is right now, this sounds like a pretty sweet gig—even if it means we can never trust that whatever viral island designs go around social media were made only by those who post them ever again. If you want to apply for the position, maybe screenshot some of the trees you planted in the shape of a dick or show off how many rubber tires and dinosaur fossils you were able to cram inside a dimly-lit New Horizons’ basement and send them in along with your application over here.

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