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You can now get Hulu for free (!) if you have Spotify Premium

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These days, most of us have more monthly digital subscriptions than we have plants or people on our Favorites contacts. There’s that ever-increasing Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime, Spotify and Apple Music (just in case Solange drops a surprise video release), Hulu, Shudder for your genre fix, and that fucking Moviepass you can’t figure out how to cancel. As voracious digital media consumers, shouldn’t we get a god damn discount already? Thankfully Hulu and Spotify are catching the hint and offering the sweetest deal yet. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can now get Hulu, for free.

You read that right; free, baby. According to Variety, the two services have teamed up again to offer a two good things for the price of one. Similar to last year’s bundle that offered Hulu to Spotify users for the low price of $1, now existing and new Spotify Premium subscribers are eligible for a totally free Hulu account.

OK sick, but what’s the catch? Only a limited the number of subscribers are eligible (though the exact number is unknown), so you better drop what you’re doing and claim that free Hulu account A.S.A.P. (And if you already have Hulu, go cancel it and sign up via Spotify to save a few extra bucks.) One thing to note is the free Hulu account is ad-supported—and clearly this bundle offer is a way for Hulu to drive up its ad revenue. But hey, free is free.


So what do you gotta do to make this bundle dream a reality? If you’re already a Spotify devotee, head to the “Your Services” page under your account and activate the Hulu plan. For the Spotify newbies, once you sign up you’ll get a free month of Spotify Premium and Hulu before being billed $9.99 per month afterwards. It’s a killer deal, and now you can watch PEN15 while listening to the very excellent and nostalgic PEN15 soundtrack on Spotify (which, by the way, is a playlist that exists. You’re welcome).

Oliver Whitney is a film critic and culture writer living in Brooklyn.

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