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Guernsey’s, an auction house that claims to be known for its “extraordinary properties,” will be making that claim all the more founded this fall, when it brings the estate of the late Waylon Jennings up for auction on October 5. Many of the most interesting items in the lot have nothing at all to do with Jennings, but offer further testament to his place in music history—whether they be a pair of boots once owned by Hank Williams, Buddy Holly’s motorcycle (Jennings played bass on Holly’s final tour in 1959), or two braided locks of Willie Nelson’s hair, which are a true must-have for any collector of famous follicles.


According to the New York Times, Jennings was given Nelson’s iconic braids in 1983 at a sobriety party (the second least popular party theme in America, just below “Everyone gets meningitis”), which was thrown in Jennings’ honor by Johnny and June Carter Cash. Combing through the thousands of items in the collection would take some time, so you’ll have to dig for yourself to see if it also features other, similarly sentimental items, such as Dolly Parton’s toenail clippings or Merle Haggard’s discarded T-shirt sleeves.

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