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You can buy that Super Bowl shark costume online now

Well, this was inevitable: Now you can order bootleg versions of the shark costume from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show online. Several sites are offering them up to potential purchasers, including New York City clothing retailer Bonobos, which says it’ll make them if there’s “enough interest.” For a guaranteed get, fans can go to environmental engineer David Lam’s Indiegogo page, which reached its $5,000 funding goal within moments of its launch. Lam is offering both readymade versions of the costume and PDF patterns, so crafty Katy Perry fans can use their own fabrics, fake fur, and weirdly elaborate ideas about what the shark’s happy little mouth should look like. To Lam’s credit, all proceeds from the sale of his version of the costume will go to nonprofit environmental charities, including the World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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