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You can buy Jesse Pinkman's crappy car from Breaking Bad

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Should your devotion to Breaking Bad fandom supersede your desire for stylish transportation, Mike Faris Auto Wholesale has just the car for you: the 1984 Toyota Tercel driven by Jesse Pinkman, which is currently for sale on the Albuquerque dealer’s lot. The faded-red wagon comes with four-wheel drive, surprising reliability, a single windshield wiper, the urge to say, “Yeah, bitch!” after everything, and the self-delusion that you can reform yourself into a dependable family man despite your shady past, all standard on a car that—according to market value—would normally go for around $500 or less, but which the lot is currently selling under an optimistic sign reading, “Jessie’s [sic] car as seen on Breaking Bad. Make offer.”


As you can imagine, it’s already received several bids from people interested in the car’s cultural cachet and hopefully still-working tape deck, but Faris says he’s officially unable to sell the car until after the final Breaking Bad episode airs this summer, as part of his lease agreement with Sony Pictures. That leaves you with several months to get your own bid in, or to find your own, much-cheaper version and just tell people it’s the car from Breaking Bad.

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