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You can brunch with Mr. Belding at Chicago’s Saved By The Max

Saved By The Bell

Dennis Haskins’ Mr. Belding wasn’t exactly the coolest character from Saved By The Bell, what with his tendency to derail Zack Morris’ wacky schemes. But anybody from Saved By The Bell is still probably cooler than somebody who never appeared on Saved By The Bellmore or less. Anyway, if you’ve always dreamed of hanging out with Mr. Belding, Chicago’s Saved By The Bell-inspired pop-up restaurant Saved By The Max is about to help you make that dream a reality.

As reported by Chicagoist, Haskins himself will be stopping by Saved By The Max for its brunch service on July 17. The event is appropriately dubbed “Brunch With Mr. Belding,” and tickets will cost $35 each. In addition to the thrill of meeting a TV principal, that ticket will cover “a full meal of a biscuit, entrée course, and choice of side.” For anyone who doesn’t live close enough to Chicago’s Wicker Park and wishes they could still eat brunch with an early ’90s TV star, we recommend setting up an iPad with a picture of Dennis Haskins and eating some scrambled eggs and ham while sitting across from it. That’ll be almost as fun.


The tickets for “Brunch With Mr. Belding” will be available this Friday at the official Saved By The Max website.

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