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You can be Edgar Wright's writing partner, sort of, with The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator

Edgar Wright, director of Shaun Of The DeadHot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, has teamed with illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards and a little guy known as Microsoft to bring the world The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator. It's an animated web comic of sorts that tells the story of a guy with severe writer's block, who drinks a lot of coffee and suddenly has a bunch of ideas. Thrilling, I know. (Oh, and it's narrated by a guy from The Mighty Boosh.) There are going to be four episodes total, and the first one just sets up the basics; it's interesting enough, sort of a melancholy look at the life of an isolated and tortured writer. The cool part is going to come later on, because once you finish watching the seven-minute intro, you get to submit some of your own prose—and if it's good enough, it'll be included in future episodes. So promises Wright in an interview he did for Wired, so you know it's for real. Also, you can explore Brandon's room inside the interactive game, and do things like sketch with his pen. Someone call Myst and tell them, "You should have just kept things in one room."


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