Screenshot: triple j

Braces, like teddy bears and blind hope, are undeniably linked with youth, which is why it’s generally odd to see an adult wearing them. It turns out, though, that in addition to fixing your fangs, braces can serve other purposes. Namely, getting student discounts.

A new video from Australian radio station triple j finds on-air personality Lewis Hobba exploiting his new set of braces alongside his co-host, Veronica Milsom, with the duo scoring sweet discounts on food, haircuts, movies, and more despite Hobba obviously being a grown-ass man in his 30s.

Maybe it’s also his clothing? Hobba dons a schoolboy outfit with short shorts and high socks, lugs around a backpack, and races about on a scooter, all while flashing the metal in his mouth to servers and ticket-takers. His hilariously stereotypical take on childhood isn’t enough to deter the workers, who listen with a smile as he brags about sitting in the back of class and “high fiving” with friends.


But hey, who’s to say he isn’t actually 15 in this post-truth world in which we live?

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