As a reward for the Internet just handing him $1 million, just like that, Double Fine game designer Tim Schafer has announced that he will participate in one of the increasingly popular “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Reddit, beginning at 1 p.m. PT this Sunday, March 4. Those who eagerly pitched in for Schafer’s recent Kickstarter campaign to fund a new point-and-click graphic adventure game—or just hold him in high esteem for his work on titles like Full Throttle, The Secret Of Monkey Island, Psychonauts, and Grim Fandango—you now have a couple days’ notice to begin prepping questions for him such as, “When are you gonna [do this sequel/make this thing available on that thing/do some other thing]?” and maybe even “Do you think Woody Harrelson deflowered that girl?” Oh, actually Tim already made that joke, sort of. Well, whatever. Here’s the blooper reel for his recent pitch video, in which Schafer reveals the AMA session at the very end.