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In recent months, customization of Facebook profile pictures has taken on increased political significance. It’s become a way to align one’s self with a cause or memorialize a tragedy. But, hey, wasn’t social media supposed to be fun at some point, a way to escape the problems of the world through cat pictures or some dumb meme or something? In that spirit, as the premiere of The Force Awakens looms, Facebook is now allowing its users to show their undying allegiance to the Star Wars franchise by adorning their profile pics with lightsabers. Interested, padawan? Simply visit the official, Lucasfilm-endorsed Star Wars page on Facebook and click the “Try It” button. This summons forth a fairly self-explanatory customization screen.


Should the user then decide to use the lightsaber-enhanced image as a profile picture, they will have the option of keeping it for an hour, a day, or a week. The default setting is a week. That’s approximately long enough to make friends, relatives, coworkers, and high school classmates pretty sick of seeing anything remotely Star Wars-related in their timelines, but probably not so disgruntled that they’ll purge their friends list with a fiery vengeance. It’s the classic win-win.

[via Variety]

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