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Her candidate didn’t win, but Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Tennessee senate hopeful Phil Breseden this fall caused a massive spike in voter registration throughout the country. Now, the pop star is throwing her considerable influence behind a project, this one The Lobster filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos’ new movie, The Favourite. In a recent Instagram post, Swift called the film “absolutely phenomenal” and shared some details regarding its limited opening this past weekend.

While we’re not sure how anyone could dislike Lanthimos’ biting period comedy—our glowing review lauds its “deliciously nasty riff on the Jane Austen tradition” and “startlingly fresh” approach—we’re guessing that Swift’s effusive review might also have something to do with her latest beau, Joe Alwyn, sporting a supporting role.


Still, her glowing words seem to have made an impact. As per today’s box office rundown, the film opened to $420,000 in just four theaters this past weekend, boasting an impressive $105,000 per-theater average. Expect those numbers to erupt with the power of an Olivia Colman outburst when it expands into more theaters next weekend.

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