Last fall, clothing boutique Opening Ceremony debuted a line of Yoko Ono-designed “butt hoodies,” see-through neon mesh tops, and “peekaboo” pants with hands drawn on the crotches, all inspired by John Lennon—specifically, the fact that John Lennon is dead, and we still feel so bad about it that we let Yoko Ono do whatever, then we pay an unmerited amount of attention to it. But in news that threatens to call the value of Yoko Ono’s art into question, the Telegraph reports that Ono’s collection of crotch-and-nipple-emphasizing clothes may have been plagiarized, rather than—as Ono stated and everyone would have just naturally assumed—inspired by “John’s hot bod.”

Iranian-American designer Haleh Nematzadeh has filed a lawsuit against Ono, claiming she submitted photos to Opening Ceremony of her own ludicrously expensive clothing line featuring “distinctive hand-prints on the chest and crotch areas,” only to have them allegedly rejected, likely because she wasn’t married to any murdered members of The Beatles. Nematzadeh says the boutique and Ono then just up and stole her designs without giving her so much as a credit, characterizing Ono’s attempts to explain her clothes as being inspired by John Lennon’s “very sexy bod” as “feeble”—a word the dictionary defines as “a state of weakness where you just want to lie down and listen to Plastic Ono Band and forget you ever heard about any of this.” Though she's yet to comment officially, Yoko Ono responded by shining a flashlight on the ceiling and asking everyone to imagine they’re a rainbow with happy nipples.