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Yoko Ono released a very Yoko Ono statement about Donald Trump

(Photo: NOVA SAFO/AFP/Getty Images)

Given the number of celebrities who’ve been registering their shock and dismay at the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency this week, it’s not surprising that legendary activist and musician Yoko Ono would eventually weigh in. But while it took her a day or two, you have to credit Ono for expressing her views on the election in the most direct way possible: an 18-second primal scream, released yesterday via Twitter.


We have no doubt that, like many Americans right now, Ono’s feelings of pain are genuine. But the deadpan delivery of the tweet, and the sudden swerve into the scream, does suggest that the statement has to go in our big list of evidence that Yoko Ono Is Funny, right alongside the Simpsons joke recently unveiled in one of her art exhibits, and that episode she did of Mad About You.

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