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Yip along to this supercut of actors making dog noises

Jason Alexander in Shallow Hal

People acting like animals has been a common sight in both film and television, a device that’s been used for comedic purposes or, in dramas, to suggest some sort of lingering psychological breakdown. Ruff. The folks at Wiseguy Pictures put together a supercut that—Rrrrrrrrr—takes these various moments and puts them all together into one single, rabid package. The supercut features everyone from Jason Alexander to Sandra Bullock howling, yipping, or taking on some other animal affectation, making for a cut that’s a…a…AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Excuse me. It’s a testament to commitment of the various actors, each one willing to debase themselves in the moment for the betterment of such cinematic masterpieces as Shallow Hal.

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