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Yes, Virginia, Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 could get a sequel

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Because they actually made a Samurai Cop sequel and now anything is possible, Dread Central reports that Kickstarter may be about to realize its true potential with a sequel to the sequel to Silent Night, Deadly Night. To be clear, no campaign has been launched yet for the movie, which appears to exist solely in the mind of Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 star Eric Freeman as of this writing. Yet.

Freeman, who, like Samurai Cop star Matt Hannon, has fallen so far off of the Hollywood grid that there’s a Facebook group devoted to his whereabouts, recently emerged from whatever swampland refuge for retired B-movie actors he’s been hiding in to film a YouTube video. In the video, Freeman, wearing a hat and sunglasses and calling himself “Damon Michaels,” raves about a “great” script written by Eric Freeman that’s a “true sequel” to Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 called SNDN: Ricky Unhinged:

To the uninitiated, this may seem impossibly strange. But really, the weirdest part here is that Freeman is wearing sunglasses, thereby depriving himself of his greatest actorly asset: His eyebrows. Freeman’s performance in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is the stuff of B-movie legend—five million people have watched that “Garbage Day” clip on YouTube—and a sequel written by and starring the actor has the potential to surpass all other killer Santa movies and become the Yuletide equivalent of The Room, not least because Tommy Wiseau would probably agree to be in it. (For what it’s worth, filmmaker Scott Pearlman, who is currently working on a documentary about Freeman, has reportedly read the script and says “it’s like a blend of North By Northwest and The Fugitive fused with Death Wish and set in the Silent Night, Deadly Night universe.”)


So let’s do this, internet. Fulfill your destiny and make Silent Night, Deadly Night, Part 2 2 (a.k.a. 2Silent2Deadly, a.k.a. Silenter Night, Deadlier Night) happen. Two-thirds of the movie can be footage recycled from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, because that movie is mostly composed of footage from the first Silent Night, Deadly Night anyway. It’ll be totally meta.

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