Encouraged by an opening weekend that proved audiences were hungry for a live-action Snow White, provided it's one that takes itself as glumly, deathly seriously as Kristen Stewart ordering breakfast, Universal has begun moving forward on its plans to turn Snow White And The Hunstman into the franchise that is the only true measure of a modern movie's success, apparently. They're plans the studio has had since the project's inception, actually, but were just waiting to see if it turned into another Cowboys Vs. Aliens or Battleship situation before daring to say them out loud. Now Deadline reports that it's taken some slightly bolder steps toward putting screenwriter David Koepp to work on a draft and enticing director Rupert Sanders to return for a story that, according to some previous reports, may have a more prominent focus on Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman character, as necessitated by the original's plot and the fact that Chris Hemsworth is a lot more famous now. Easing that transition, both Hemsworth and Stewart are already optioned for two sequels—sequels that maybe the studio should wait a few more weeks to see whether the film turns the sort of profit that would really justify them, but things haven't been going so great for Universal lately, so maybe just give it this one, okay? Meanwhile the producers of Mirror Mirror are celebrating their own victory of seeing it still being mentioned in articles like this one.