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Yes, there will probably be a Bridesmaids sequel

Lauded lady movie Bridesmaids has continued to reap the rewards—and spark the analytical discussions—for being the rare female-driven comedy that makes designations like “female-driven comedy” seem unnecessary. So naturally, there’s already talk of replicating that supposed uniqueness with a sequel. Speaking to Vulture, director Paul Feig acknowledged that the idea had already been brought up, adding that he and his cast were “up for the challenge” should they be called upon to do it again, saying, “When you get a group that's this deep and this good, it's a crime to not use them again.” To his credit, Feig’s tentative interest in doing a follow-up stems from a far less crassly opportunistic place than certain other sequel proposals we’ve heard recently. Anyway, for those who have dubiously labeled Bridesmaids a “female Hangover,” it seems like that could soon have the ring of truth to it, at least as far as franchising is concerned.


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