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Yes, there will be more Arrested Development, thanks to Netflix

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Variety reports that a fourth season of critically acclaimed, much beloved, cult comedy Arrested Development will arrive soon, most likely in 2013, on Netflix. Though the article says only that all parties are "close" to a deal, one of the publication's editors confirmed to us on Twitter that the deal is done. (Presumably, the article is being edited to reflect that fact.) Not included in the announcement is any news about whether the entire cast (including Will Arnett, currently on Up All Night) will be reassembled, but presumably that's something everybody can work out in time, nor was there confirmation of how many episodes the season will be. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz said earlier that he wanted to do 10 episodes, so we'll stick with that assumption for now. The series left the air in 2006 originally, and this will be the longest gap between original end of production and resumed production for an American live-action series that we're aware of.


Variety reports that Netflix, which is moving into the official content production game, for anyone who might be trying to pitch networks and other providers on beleaguered productions that seem unloved by their current networks, entered into a bidding war with Showtime on the project. It's unknown how much Netflix spent to gain the rights to more Bluths, but Variety reports that the service's deal for the David Fincher-produced, Kevin Spacey-starring remake of House Of Cards likely cost Netflix $100 million. Presumably, Netflix is just happy to have non-terrible publicity associated with it at this point in time.

No news on a movie deal just yet.

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