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Yes, there will be a sixth The Fast And The Furious movie

Obviously the best film stories are worth being told over and over again with only minor variations, except for those rare, piddling franchises that only have enough to sustain three or four movies. The Fast And The Furious is not one of those pussies, having just finished manning up for its fifth installment, Fast Five, due this spring—and now Collider reports that director Neal Moritz and the series’ prodigal son Vin Diesel are already discussing plans for a sixth. Although Moritz wouldn’t reveal what those plans are, he did say that both he and Vin Diesel have it all mapped out in their minds and are “starting to get serious about it.” Presumably this means consulting linguistic scholars to innovate new ways to combine the words “fast” and “furious.” Fasturious! Or maybe stick some random sixes in there—Fa6t & Furiou6. Honestly, it doesn’t matter.


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