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Yes, there really will be a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Beginning an insufferable and expensive cycle of engagement parties and wedding showers and dress fittings and rehearsal dinners and on and on and on, Universal has decided to make its relationship official with the most buzzed-about sequel of 2014: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. As we reported this summer, writer/star Nia Vardalos and her co-star John Corbett will return for the sequel; Waking Ned Devine’s Kirk Jones has just signed on to direct. According to Deadline, the story will revolve around Vardalos’ fictional family as “a family secret and an even bigger wedding brings the Portokalos family together again.” With any luck, that means that one of the cousins is marrying an Italian, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion of ethnic stereotypes that would bring even Outsourced to its knees.


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