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Yes, that Bette Davis musical performance in last night’s Feud actually happened

Screenshot: The Andy Williams show

One of the most amazing standouts in a series full of them like Feud is Susan Sarandon’s performance as Bette Davis. It’s a portrayal that zooms far past imitation to become a reverent and spot-on interpretation. Sarandon possesses the necessary Bette Davis eyes, but seamlessly adds the actress’ clipped tones and theatrical gestures to possess the Hollywood legend completely. An Emmy nom, if not a win, seems to be a shoo-in.

Screenshot: Feud

Case in point: In last night’s Feud, Sarandon’s Davis is shown enjoying the newfound popularity brought to her in 1962 by the fact that her gothic thriller What Ever Happened To Baby Jane is a hit. She even performs a pop song based on the movie title on The Andy Williams Show. Sarandon’s performance of the song is a Davis tour de force, made all the more impressive by the fact that she’s interpreting a real-life occurrence. This YouTube clip shows us that this Davis appearance actually happened, and Feud mimicked it perfectly, right down to the set, dance moves, vocals, even the dress and accessories. The only part that stumps us? How the 70-year-old Sarandon appears years younger than Davis, who was in her fifties at the time.

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