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Yes, Superman will appear in CBS’s Supergirl (sort of)

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CBS’s Supergirl series has been steadily racking up casting notices as it trundles its way toward existence, with characters like Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant signing on to the show’s roster of DC Comics alumni. But one name has been notable in its absence, the guy who inspired Kara Zor-El’s costumed namesake and serves as her most prominent crime-fighting role model: Superman himself. CBS has repeatedly referred to Kara as the Man of Steel’s cousin in press releases and casting notices, but the network had been keeping mum on whether the Cousin of Tomorrow would be appearing on the show in (super)person.

That might be about to change, though. As reported by ProjectCasting.com, CBS has posted an announcement asking for a body double who must be “5’11” or taller and be square-jawed and have a ripped physique” to stand in for a DC superhero. While that description would fit roughly 95 percent of the named male characters in the DC Universe, the fact that the casting call also asks respondents to reply with the subject line “SUPERMAN” does offer a few hints to who the character in question might be.

Of course, all the “body double” and “photo double” language in the announcement suggests viewers won’t be seeing much of Kara’s famous cousin up close or in person, presumably to avoid distracting from Supergirl’s personal story. (Plus, that would mean pop culture would have two Supermen flying around right now, which always leads to a big dumb Crisis crossover.) But hey, at least there’s finally some work for a member of Hollywood’s underserved “tall, square-jawed, physically fit white guy” minority.


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