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Yes, Rob Lowe has seen Bigfoot

(Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Rob Lowe’s reality show, The Lowe Files, is as much about reconnecting with his two adult sons as it is meeting aliens, though that could happen, too, seeing as the crew makes a trip to an “underwater alien base” at some point. As the Parks And Recreation alum tells Entertainment Weekly, ”We were able to carve out times from our busy lives. We put it all on hold every weekend for eight weeks and did this together, and now we have these memories together.” Lowe says “people don’t spend enough time creating memories” these days, but while on their paranormal journey, he and his sons made some that will outlive all the awards and accomplishments. Yes, some day they’ll look back at the time spent with a “renowned shaman” at Preston Castle, and smile. Or, in Lowe’s case, he’ll recall the time they saw Bigfoot in the Ozark mountains, and he feared for his life.

Although the actor is careful not to oversell his encounter with Bigfoot—or, in the common vernacular, a “wood ape”—he says one such creature came crashing into their guarded camp in the mountains in the middle of the night. At least, he’s pretty sure it was a wood ape, since it ignored the warnings from the armed “former military” men that were with the Lowes. You can see why this episode is being saved for the finale, but Lowe says there are other dramatic, exciting moments scattered throughout the series: “Some episodes we had incredible results, and others we just had incredible adventures, and that’s what’s great about it.”


Bigfoot talk aside, Lowe shows a lot of self-awareness and humor in the interview. He’s sure people will think he’s a “Hollywood kook,” and even writes his own headline—“Rob Lowe lost his mind!” You can confirm that for yourself when The Lowe Files premieres August 2 on A&E.

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