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Yes, Reasonable Discussions is coming back

A bunch of you have asked when (or if) our podcast, Reasonable Discussions, is coming back, seeing as how what was once bi-weekly hasn’t had a new episode in more than a month. Thank you all for the inquiries, and yes, “ReasDis” (that’s what they call it on the streets) is coming back on Monday. Various festivals, vacations, and other stuff—like the first shoots for season two of Pop Pilgrims—prevented us from recording sooner.

There’s also some good news: The podcast will likely post more frequently in the coming months, as we’re changing up the format a bit. Instead of a 45-minute episode with multiple segments, we’re basically going to treat each segment as its own episode. That’ll give us a little more time to talk in the segments, it’ll let us be more reactive to current events, and, most important, it’ll make life easier for our intrepid producer, Sarah.


On the schedule for next week’s return: a look at how services like Spotify and Rdio are changing our music-consumption habits; some talk about The Avengers tied to our Summer Movie Preview (the preview posts the week of May 7); and a Extracurricular Activities episode that contains repeated references to penises.

Keep the comments and Ask The A.V. Club questions coming to 314-AVCLUB0 or discussions@avclub.com.

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