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Yes, please: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2 is coming in April of 2022

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Image: Sony Pictures

Depending on who you ask (i.e., the Academy, various new and old-school Miles Morales fans, the person typing these words right now), Sony’s animated Into The Spider-Verse is a pretty strong candidate for the best superhero movie of the last several years. Warm, funny, emotionally powerful, and backed by one of the best animated movie soundtracks in recent memory, Spider-Verse was a triumph, boiling down the essence of what makes a Spider-person spider, far beyond simple retreads of the old chestnut about great power, great responsibility, etc.

Which is why it’s so amazingly goddamn exciting to see Sony announce today that a sequel to Miles and co.’s inter-dimensional adventures is now officially in the works, with a release date already set: April 8, 2022. And sure, that’s a long way away. But really, that just means we have enough time to watch the scene where Miles leaps off the building again roughly several thousands more times in order to get ourselves well and truly hyped before it finally arrives.

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