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Yes, Minkus will appear on, disappear from Girl Meets World

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Breathe easy, Boy Meets World fans looking forward to Girl Meets World (even though you’re adults who’ve met the world several times over). Yes, Lee Norris will reprise his one-season role as class nerd Stuart Minkus for the Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World sequel. The news comes courtesy of E!, posted alongside a photo of Norris’ onset reunion with once-and-future co-star Ben Savage. The image confirms that Minkus (like mentor George Feeny) has broken free of his sitcom purgatory, wandering down this road that we call life to interrupt a history class taught by Savage’s Cory Matthews—but not before stoping off at a Ralph Lauren outlet to score some smart slacks, a turtleneck, and a blazer that makes him look like the captain of some vessel or other. (Based on this Gorton’s Fisherman getup, it’s a safe bet that some of Minkus’ time “in the other part of the school was spent at sea.)

Or maybe those nautical fantasies are just an example of the multi-cam damned whiling away his time in a world without studio-audience laughter, like “Joey The Rat”’s indie-rock dreamworld or the ongoing fugue state in which Griffin “Griff” Hawkins occasionally works on “claymash and elaborate tabletop games. After all, the sea is much like the unseen walls of a sitcom set: Minkus can only break away for so long before he feels the pull of the only love he’s ever known that isn’t Topanga. Because let’s be honest here: Minkus trying to steal Topanga away from Cory is almost certainly part of Norris’ Girl Meets World episode.

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