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For those who may have wondered whether producer Christopher Nolan would prove to be the steadying hand slowing director Zack Snyder's usual eye-gouging, the answer is now right in your face: Warner Bros. has confirmed that Snyder's Superman reboot Man Of Steel is being retrofitted with 3-D post-conversion and planned for IMAX despite not being filmed that way, adding the extra dimensions and ticket surcharges necessary for modern entertainment. The film will still be released in regular old 2-D, for those who would rather see the movie as originally intended and the 3-D-averse Nolan would prefer, perhaps after arriving via trolley to their local nickelodeon and first enjoying a plate-spinner opening act and a raffle for a new radio. But as Snyder explains in the press release, "3-D is meant as an enhancement," after which he added, "OF MY BANK ACCOUNT," then dropped a microphone in slow motion.


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